About us

Amarantha’s is owned by me, Joyce van Dijk samen

It started since september 28, 2004
My grandparents always bred dogs, they used to breed yorkshire terriër and poodles. My mother also bred some litters with her pekingees. So you could say it runs in the family.
I met my first shih tzu when i reached the age of 10. My mother and a close friend, Martin van Nimwegen owner from Bluetop’s kennel, both bought a shih tzu puppy.
Ours was called Chermaine v.h. Griends-Veen, or Moppie in short. Martin got her sister, little Yoko v.h. Griends-Veen.
During the years i got to know and started to love this breed.
Unfortunatly our Moppie only became 9 years old, but by then this breed allready stole my heart.

On december 12, 2013 i gave birth to a lovely son. Toghether with my partner we live in IJsselstein – the Netherlands.
Becouse of the birth of our son i stopped showing dogs to spend more time with my family. But since i love going to dogs shows, there will come a point where i will start participating them again.

I prefer the European type of shih tzu combined with good English and Scandinavian Lines.
Health, Caracter en Beauty are one of the important cases to us to breed dogs and we try to do this as good as possible.
All our dogs get a official eyetest. Health examinations are not required here in the Netherlands but we do this out of free will.
Health is the most important part for us.

In May 2014 I started the education of becoming a dog groomer, and in April 2017 I passed for my exams. Of course i already groomed our own dogs, but I wanted to learn more. More about grooming other breeds, coat and skin.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Joyce van Dijk