(Nederlands) stamboom pierre groot

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Dt. youthCh. (VDH) Dt ChClub., Dt Ch VDH.,NL. Int. Ch.
Còng Tàiyàng Tzu Kolumbus


Dt youthCh. Club, Dt youthCh. VDH, Lux youthCh., DT Ch Club., Dt Ch VDH.
Golden Dragon von Savaredo
Golden Dragon von Savaredo
Ming-Tzing’s Red Raider Nord. S. Dk Ch., BW-’95., BCW- ’95
Gayas Ma Tai-Yang
Gayas Ma Tai-Yang
PL Ch.
Ming-Tzing’s Keep It Up
PL Ch.
Gayas Mi Ma-Gie-Lou
Ming-Tzing’s Happy Go Lucky Dutchy Shou v Zai Ling Sjiao
Nord Ch. NW- ’95
Ming-Tzing’s My Fair Lady
Dt Ch VDH. Dt Ch Club.
Paliden Promise To At Keytor
paliden promise to at keytor
Eng. Ch.
Santosha Stromboli
santosha stromboli
Ch. Anibes Wishful Thinking
Ch. Santosha Red Riding Hood
Keytor Who Loves You
Keytor Who Loves You
Ch. Keytor Say No More
Ch Keytor Lucky Money
Dt youthCh. Dt Ch Club., Dt Ch Club., Lux. Int. Ch. Europass ’02., Bundess. ’03.
Lin-Pearl’s Viva Loca
lin pearls viva loca
Int. Dt. Fin. Ch. Dt youthCh.
Lin-Pearl’s Velvet Cloude
Lin-Pearl's Velvet Cloude
Int. DK. Dt. Fin Ch.
Puttin On The Top Hat
Puttin on the Top Hat
Lharing Foxtrot
GB Ch.
Anibes Puttin’On The Ritz
Anibes Puttin'On The Ritz
Charmane z Bilych Fjordu CS Charing Cross Prince Andrew
Aisahani Krasa Moravy
Lin-Pearl’s Ginger Roger Int. DK. Dt. Fin Ch.
Puttin On The Top Hat
Puttin on the Top Hat
Lharing Foxtrot
GB Ch.
Anibes Puttin’On The Ritz
Anibes Puttin'On The Ritz
Dt. YouthCh.
Lin-Pearl’s African Queen
Dt. Ch.
Meikwei Skylar
Meikwei Skylar
Uriella Zum Fledermausturmchen
Amarantha’s Koekie Dough
Il Pericolos Hat Trick
Ta Maria Fantasy Goes On fam-tricky_ta-maria-fantasy-goes-on Fin Uch
Fossella Tha Beat Goes On
fam_tricky_fossella the beat goes on
S uch, Fin uch.
Le Bon Beat ‘Em All
fam_tricky_le bon beat em all
Multi Ch.
Fossella Smell of Chanel
fam_tricky_fossella smell of chanel
Fin Uch
Tangse Maya Fantasy
fam_tricky_tangse maya fantasy
S uch, DK uch, Fin uch
Ta Maria Red Rouser
fam_tricky_ta maria red rouser
JWW-’08 Nord uch
Tangse Samantha Wee
fam_tricky_tangse samantha wee
Such, Duch
Il Pericolos Ella of Frell fam-tricky_il-pericolos-ella-of-frell
Such, Nuch
Fossella Capo Di Tutti Capi
fam_tricky_fossella capo di tutti capi
Nord uch, Int uch
Skånehedens Pale Rider
fam_tricky_skanehedens pale rider
S uch
Jessame’s Lagacy Li-Jen
fam_tricky_jessame's lagacy li-jen
Ziams Obsession
fam_tricky_ziams obsession
Nord uch, Int uch
Quatro Zampe’s Il Pericolo
fam_tricky_quatro zampe`s il pericolo
Nord uch, Int uch Ziams Hot Vibrations
fam_tricky_ziams hot vibrations
Bluetop’s You’re My Angel
Armani from Audreys Paradis
Amer. Ch.
Ypaparazzi from Audreys Paradis
fam_ypaparazzi from audreys paradis

Uptothetop from Audreys Paradis
fam_uptothetop from audreys paradis
Donnainrosso Di Casa Corsini
Int., Lux., NL Ch.
Tblakysexy from Audreys Paradis
fam_tblacky sexy from audreys paradis
E’lio Tchang Shan-Abbas
fam_elio tchang shan abbas
Karyon Shez Black Lace
Bluetop’s Golden Glory
Uouragan from Audreys Paradis
fam_uouragan from audreys paradis
Tornado from Audreys Paradis
Quanshali Tchen-Tchouan
JW-W. ’00
Bluetop’s China-Girl
fam_bluetop`s china-girl
Vinny v. Chin te Lung
fam_vinny v chin te lung
Chansi Tsin Fatinat Al Sjark